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The Advantages of Mediation in Employment Law Disputes

Mediation provides an optimal avenue to explore solutions swiftly and confidentially, protecting the reputations of all parties without the exposure inherent in a court hearing.

Speedy Resolution

Mediation can quickly address conflicts, minimising disruptions and maintaining workplace harmony.


The private nature of mediation ensures that sensitive matters are kept confidential, preserving the reputations of both employers and employees.


Avoiding court proceedings often results in reduced legal expenses, preserving valuable resources for the business.

Michael's Mediation Advantage for Employment Disputes

Decades of Legal Experience

With over 50 years of experience as a solicitor and judge, Michael brings significant and helpful insight into the nature and complexity of employment disputes.

This extensive background enables him to guide parties toward effective and practical solutions that reduce stress for employees and employers while limiting any potential damage and disruption to the business.As a seasoned mediator, Michael can swiftly resolve disputes with confidentiality.

Employment law disagreements do not have to spiral into damaging and lengthy legal battles. Leveraging his deep expertise, Michael assists parties in finding an amicable and practical resolution. As an experienced mediator, Michael can help parties to find an amicable and practical solution.

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