Wills and Inheritance Disputes Mediation

Compassionate Resolution in Trying Times

Effective Mediation in Wills and Inheritance Disputes

A Compassionate Approach

Michael’s extensive experience helps him to guide parties through these difficult and often upsetting situations, with empathy, sensitivity and understanding.

Preserving Family Relationships

Michael will help parties to seek and find an agreed solution which also helps the parties to preserve family relationships.

Cost-Effective and Timely Resolutions

Litigating disputes over Wills and other inheritance claims is a costly exercise. Legal costs will be high, and will deplete the value of the deceased’s estate. Litigation will also delay considerably the administration of the estate, and the distribution of the assets. Finding an agreed solution through mediation can be achieved quickly, at less cost to the estate, and without the relationship damage which often results from litigation.

Why Choose Mediation With Michael Peart?

Decades of Legal Experience

Having served in both litigation and as a judge, Michael brings my extensive legal background to the mediation process, facilitating fair and honourable resolutions.

Tailored Family-Centric Approach

Probate disputes don't have to fracture families or become prolonged legal battles.
Discover the dignified, compassionate path to resolution through mediation, tailored to honour the family's unique needs and values.

Independence and Impartiality

Michael upholds the highest standards of professional ethics, guaranteeing that the mediation is completely confidential and respects the privacy of all parties involved.

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Resolving Conflicts, Building Peace