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Mediating Your Medical and Professional Negligence Claims

Medical and other Professional Negligence Claims Mediation

Claims of negligence against professionals of any discipline are on the increase. Such claims are not only stressful and difficult for the plaintiff to pursue, but also for the defendant professional to defend. While a defendant professional will usually be insured against any financial consequences of any liability found against him/her, nevertheless the defence itself of the proceedings in a court, even where successful, will expose the professional to reputational risk and adverse publicity.

Mediation is a process where the parties can explore all the issues in the case in a safe, private and confidential environment, which can often lead to a fair and realistic settlement, but without the delay, publicity, risks and cost (in financial and emotional terms) of having those same issues aired and determined in open court.

Michael has acted as a mediator in many professional negligence claims and has seen how it can benefit both plaintiff and defendant.

The Benefits of Mediation in Medical And Other Professional Negligence Claims

Mediation can present an opportunity at an early stage of proceedings to explore realistically achievable settlements, potentially reducing the delay, cost and stress associated with litigation.

Efficient Resolution

Avoid the prolonged waiting times often associated with court proceedings. Mediation provides a great opportunity to explore the possibility of settling the dispute at an early stage.

Flexibility in Settlement

Plaintiffs and defendants can explore the possibility of flexible settlement terms that meet their individual needs and interests, in a way that a court decision may not achieve.

Confidentiality and Without Prejudice

The mediation process offers a confidential environment, allowing parties to adopt a realistic, fair, and sensible approach to both liability and quantum without the risks of adverse publicity.

Cost Savings

Timely settlements through mediation can result in substantial savings in litigation costs, preserving resources for both parties.

Choose Mediation with Michael Peart for Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Insight

Draw on Michael's extensive legal experience, particularly in the intricate field of professional negligence, to navigate the complexities of your case. His extensive knowledge and experience as a former solicitor and judge allow for an insightful and nuanced approach to each unique dispute.

Strategic Problem-Solving

Count on Michael's ability to identify viable resolutions that courts may not consider. His problem-solving skills facilitate outcomes that respect the interests and objectives of all parties involved.

Compassionate Approach

Michael's mediation is rooted in a compassionate understanding of the emotional toll these claims can have on all parties. He ensures that the process is handled with the utmost care and respect for everyone's dignity and reputation.

Dedicated Neutrality

In Michael's mediation room, impartiality is paramount. Parties can trust in his unwavering dedication to neutrality, providing a balanced and unbiased forum where both sides can openly discuss and resolve their disputes.

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