From solicitor to judge to mediator

Michael carries the Peart family’s legacy of professionalism and integrity, steering peaceful resolutions and fostering trust and harmony between disputing parties.

the Peart Family's Legacy

When Michael qualified as a solicitor back in 1970, he was starting on the same path previously followed since 1883 by his father, his grandfather, and his great-grandfather.

A Beacon of Personal Service and Integrity

Over successive generations, the firm of Pearts Solicitors has consistently provided a highly personal service, acting both as Dublin agents for solicitors practising outside of Dublin, and as a trusted advisor to private clients at large.

Upholding The Family Legacy

For over a century, the Peart name has remained synonymous with unparalleled standards of professionalism, independence, confidentiality, and integrity.

From Solicitor to Judge

During his 32 years as a solicitor, followed by a significant 17-year tenure as a judge, Michael embodied the principles that have long defined the Peart family's dedication to the legal profession.

A Commitment to Fairness and Justice

As a judge, Michael carried forth the legacy of fairness and justice, deeply entrenched in the Peart family's ethos, thereby cementing its stature in the Irish legal community.

Embracing the Role of Mediator

In recent years, Michael has channelled his energies towards mediation, which provides a safe, confidential, and flexible space conducive to dialogue and resolution, thereby helping parties to avoid the stress and additional cost of litigation.

A Facilitator of Resolution

At mediation, Michael helps parties in a dispute identify common ground, identify their real interests, and explore settlement options that both may find acceptable. The settlement frequency is a testament to the efficacy of the mediation process.

Building Trust and Understanding

In his role as a mediator, Michael can build a relationship of trust and understanding with the parties, show real empathy, and gain a deep understanding of the issues and interests involved, thus paving the way for a successful resolution.

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